teen titans

"What you have concealed you shall become."

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also a lot of icons disappeared for some unknown reason so i fixed that and re-uploaded the missing ones

edit: they doubled then i had to fix that hopefully NOW everything is in tact

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my terra rp blog has risen back from the grave 

if you rp, feel free to follow my terra rp blog! :)

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just wanted to say that I am in love with the channel ItsSuperEffective, he has tons of videos on the histories of different comics, and their characters, and also video games, and other things.

He has videos on the teen titans, 3 of the robins, raven, starfire, cyborg, beast boy, terra, and also has done marvel videos on marvel characters. he also has videos about storylines such as flashpoint and days of future past

i found out a lot of new things from his channel, so whether you may know these things, or you want to start to get into comics, or (like me) you’re into comics but you still don’t know, i suggest you watch his videos, i think he deserves more subscribers and views than he has, so yeah.

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Anonymous asked: Hi. You ship my ships and I like you. Have a nice day.

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This was the only reason



Teen Titans possible movie announcement

Well, this is neat. Peter Nyong’o to play cyborg? Spike Jonze to direct.


I haven’t even seen those sources yet, thank you